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Raspberry Pi - Wifi Router Project

The Raspbian Hard-Float Wireless Router


Welcome to the Raspberry-Wifi-Router project.

If anyone cares to donate a Raspberry Pi 3 for further development, please ctc me at vandenbroeckronny at gmail dot com.

This project aims to build a descent Wifi Router out of a Raspberry Pi which is easily configurable via a dynamic web interface designed in HTML/PHP. This project came to life out of personal interest in hardware embedded design and software design in linux with PHP. I'm putting my desing onto Github to share my work with the open source community, hoping to get some people interested in this project to contribute, the ultimate goal is to create a fantastic web gui for a cheap Raspberry Pi used as Wifi Router.

For the people that are only interested in trying the router, you can download the latest version of the ssd card image below:

The default configuration is set to obtain an IP address via DHCP from the wired ethernet connection.
To access the web interface, enter 'admin' as username and 'raspberry' as password.
To login via SSH, login with username 'pi' and password 'raspberry', and use sudo for root access.

Bridge and Router with NAT functionality
Static/Dynamic addressing
hostapd wifi module
802.11 B/G/N depending on your wifi adapter
Wi-Fi Protected Access® (WPA/WPA2—PSK) and WEP
Captive Portal (coovachilli)

Still to be implemented:
Port forwarding (iptables).
Network Filter (firewall).
Web Filter (privoxy).
Proxy (squid, squidguard).
Advanced wireless configuration (hostapd).


For the ones amongst us that are not scared of entering the matrix, here's how you assemble the ssd yourself:

Getting started:

Before getting started, make sure you have the right equipment at hand:

Preparing your Raspberry Pi: