Raspberry Pi - IP Camera

Bootstrap/PHP web interface for the Raspberry Pi Camera.

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi - IP Camera project.

Raspberry IP Camera configurable through Bootstrap/PHP web interface.

Hi, welcome to my Raspberry IP Camera build. This project was brought to life out of personal interest for the Raspberry Pi camera features and the lack of readily available sources of easy configurable Web gui software for the Raspberry Pi's camera.
For a project of my interest I was looking for an IP camera which was cheap, had high specs, and was easy configurable.
Unfortunately that's not easy to find, for a capable IP camera you need to count dollars, and that's something which I wanted to avoid. If you go the DIY way then the Raspberry Pi is a usefull tool and respectable alternative to a professional solution, unfortunately that thing needs software to function. I just wanted to buy a Raspberry Pi, a camera module, drop in an SD card and go with it, but wasn't able to find any ready built SD card which was fit for my purpose, hence this project, which is a throw at such a software.

Secured login page

Secured Login Page

Status page with preview

Status Page

System configuration page

System Settings

Camera configuration page

Camera Settings

Download the image from Google Drive, 281 MB in size

Download the image from Microsoft OneDrive, 281 MB in size

Download the image from DropBox, 281 MB in size


  • Raspberry Pi - With Raspbian Jessie Minimal image
  • A Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • PHP/Bootstrap Web Interface with secured login page
  • Two streaming standards, MJPEG and H.264
  • Integrated RTSP server

The IP camera is built on top of a foundation Raspbian Jessie Minimal image and consists of three major parts:

Everyone can build the camera themselves according to the instruction manual in my github repository (see installation.sh). Pls note that this documentation on this project is a work in progress.

If you want to test-drive the Raspberry IP Camera, you can download a pre-built image here, just write to SD card and boot it up.

  • The default configuration is set to obtain an IP address via DHCP from the wired ethernet connection.
  • To access the web interface, enter 'admin' as username and 'raspberry' as password.
  • To login via SSH, login with username 'pi' and password 'raspberry', and use sudo for root access.

If you would find any bugs or would like to give some feedback, kindly do so in the following topic on the Raspberry Pi forum:

For more information about how to add this camera to your Synology surveillance station, please check out my blog post at http://random-notes-of-a-sysadmin.blogspot.be/2016/03/howto-set-up-raspberry-ip-camera-on.html